Highly Recommended – Book Review

The McGraw Hill Business division was kind enough to send me a copy of Paul Rand’s book “Highly Recommended“, and I’m glad I took the time to read it. Highly Recommended lived up to its namesake, and I’m happy to recommend this book to anyone interested in growing their business via word of mouth. Although Read more about Highly Recommended – Book Review[…]

Communication – The Achilles Heel of Online Learning

Blogging on LinkedIn has been an amazing experience. Each time I have posted on LinkedIn, my website has seen an unusual amount of traffic. Below is a post I originally shared on my blog in 2013. Looking back on older posts makes me realize how far I’ve come as a writer. Online EducationHave you ever contemplated teaching online? While teaching in an online environment may appear to be difficult, transitioning Read more about Communication – The Achilles Heel of Online Learning[…]

Lessons in Leadership – Confront Fear Head On

If you are anything like me, you are your own worst critic and probably downplay all of your accomplishments. You may even suffer from “faker syndrome”, and consider yourself an imposter. As a leader, I attempt to change this mindset every day. I’ve even come to a point where I try to turn this perceived Read more about Lessons in Leadership – Confront Fear Head On[…]