3 Reasons Restaurants Should Use Eventbrite to Promote Their Events

Folks that work in the food and beverage industry are some of the hardest working people out there. Over the last several years I have had the privilege of working alongside many innovative restauranteurs and craft brewers, helping them develop and deploy their digital marketing strategy. While each client had a unique set of needs, there were a few pain points that appeared in most contexts.

More often than not, lack of personnel and a limited marketing budget impeded my client’s marketing efforts. To overcome this phenomenon, some clients resorted to the spray an pay approach to social media. In other words, they posted content on their various channels without thinking about long-term goals and how to leverage their digital marketing efforts to promote sustainable growth. Sure, this approach will have a positive impact on vanity metrics, but I’m not into that sort of thing. My clients deserve the best, and the best entails a well thought out strategy with a comprehensive implementation plan.

Over the last few months, I have been auditing restaurants on Facebook, trying to pick up on new marketing trends that I may have missed. The restaurants I follow on social media are pretty savvy and have recognized the power of collaboration. Many of these restaurants have begun to host ticketed events at their venue in partnership with local breweries and distilleries. More often than not, the restaurants are leveraging Facebook Events as a promotional tool because Facebook’s user interface is user-friendly and the platform’s sharing capabilities make it extremely easy to maximize their reach.

While Facebook provides excellent value with their events feature, restaurants should also consider integrating Eventbrite into their arsenal of tools. Eventbrite is a spectacular tool that restaurants can use to promote their events to a more expansive audience.

Hang in there; I’ll show you how.

Direct Facebook Integration

In the past, I have shied away from using Eventbrite because processes tend to get redundant when promoting an event on multiple platforms. This redundancy can confuse customers, which isn’t a good thing. Eventbrite figured out a solution to this potential bottleneck by allowing users to integrate their Eventbrite event into their Facebook Events. Integration can happen one of two ways; businesses can create a new Facebook Event from the Eventbrite dashboard, or they can add Eventbrite tickets to their existing Facebook events. I’ve included a screenshot below so you can see the Eventbrite user interface.

Eventbrite Facebook Integration 2

Automatically Build an Email List

Despite what some people tell you, email marketing isn’t dead. It just requires a little more time and effort. Eventbrite has a MailChimp integration which helps businesses build their email lists. More importantly, this integration allows businesses to segment their email lists so they can have meaningful interactions with their customers in the future through targeted email communication. Developing an effective email strategy is a blog post in and of itself. Let me get cranking on that for you!

Promote Events on Eventbrite’s Network

Eventbrite boasts more than 50 million active ticket buyers, which is pretty astounding when you think about it. While Facebook has a much broader user base, the combination of the Eventbrite marketplace and Facebook Events is a game changer. I recently ran an event for a client on Eventbrite, and we leveraged the Facebook integration tool. In four days we were able to get 79 people to register for a free event using the Eventbrite tool. Below I have included a few metrics so you can see the value of the Eventbrite marketplace. 67 of our total 94 page views came from the Eventbrite event discovery platform.

Eventbrite analytics

There are several nuances to event promotion that have I have failed to include in this post. If you have follow-up questions, or ideas of your own, please share them below. I am already working on a few follow up posts, and your feedback is helpful.

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