3 Reasons why you should attend the National Tutoring Association conference.

In about six weeks I will be in Tampa presenting at the National Tutoring Association’s annual conference.  During this time I will also be taking on my official duties as one of the associate Vice Presidents, something I have very excited about.  Below you will find my session abstracts.  I’m not too sure why I submitted three proposals, but I can assure you that the conference will be excellent.

Five Steps to becoming a “Likeable” Tutor – Using Social Media to Build “Relationships

In a world where word of mouth marketing can make a break a business, it is imperative that tutors educate themselves on the best practices of social media. Throughout this presentation, participants will examine five of the seven core values of Likeable Media from a tutor’s perspective. Becoming a “Likeable Tutor” is not an easy task and will require a lot of time and energy. Developing a Likeable mindset will help tutors assess the academic needs of their students, increase word the number of mouth referrals, and start down the path of becoming a thought leader on the topic of tutoring.

In an effort to continue the conversation, each participant will be given a copy of the “Likeable Tutor How To Guide” and access to private Google+ community. Combining these two powerful tools will help attendees develop their online presence in the company of likeminded individuals. If you have any questions about this presentation, please hit me on via Twitter.

Integrating Technology into Tutoring – Screencasting 101

Screencasting has become common practice to many teachers, and will soon become the primary tool used for extending student learning beyond the classroom. Tutors can also deploy screencasting technology to create video tutorials for their students, but the real value addition occurs when the screencasting technology is placed in the hands of the student. The power embedded in this technology becomes apparent when students are given opportunities to create their own tutorial videos and transcend Bloom’s Taxonomy. When students are asked to create something, they must have a firm grasp of the concept if they are to create a helpful tutorial. This session has been designed for the non-techy tutor, but all are welcome. Historically, screencasting occurs when the tutor records the background of their computer screen along with their voice. As technology has advanced, software developers have started to leverage the power of mobile devices such as the iPad by transforming them into screencasting hubs. Session attendees will be introduced to Tech Smith’s entire suite of screencasting solutions, and will leave the session with a list of practical ways to integrate screencasting tools into the tutoring experience. In addition, we will also highlight several iPad applications that can be used to create screencasts.

Do you screecast?

Reframing a 50 year old philosophy – Ushering JFK into the 21st century

Ask not what your community can do for you, ask what you can do for your community.   John F. Kennedy was an innovator, and a true proponent of collaboration.  The goal of this session is not to trivialize the legacy of JFK, but to adapt one of his core values in an effort to increase community engagement.  NTA members have a voice, and the round table discussion will provide members with an opportunity to share their ideas and identify ways they can invest our community.  If you are attending, please connect with me on Twitter before the session begins.   Together we can do amazing things, and this session is a great place to start the conversation.

Please visit the NTA website to register for the conference today, the early registration deadline ends February 28th.

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