Show Your Work - Austin Kleon

The importance of showing your work.

A few weeks ago I attended the eduWeb Digital Summit in Boston, and our keynote speaker C.C Chapman introduced me to the amazing work of Austin Kleon. During his talk, C.C recommended that we purchase two books, “Show Your Work” and “Steal Like an Artist” and I did exactly that. Although it’s taken a few Read more about The importance of showing your work.[…]

Lessons in Leadership – Confront Fear Head On

If you are anything like me, you are your own worst critic and probably downplay all of your accomplishments. You may even suffer from “faker syndrome”, and consider yourself an imposter. As a leader, I attempt to change this mindset every day. I’ve even come to a point where I try to turn this perceived Read more about Lessons in Leadership – Confront Fear Head On[…]

Emotional Vampires at Work? Really?

I recently finished a book called “Emotional Vampires at Work” (affiliate link) written by Albert Bernstein, and found the text to be fairly amusing.  Bernstein did a decent  job summarizing five personality disorders, and did so in a manner that was engaging.  Included in the book, are several strategies that can be used to help people overcome Read more about Emotional Vampires at Work? Really?[…]

You only make one first impression, do it right!

This morning, CVrite contacted me via the Quincy Tutor Network, and asked me if I could help spread the word about their resume building service.  I don’t typically respond to these types of requests, but there was something intriguing about the email that was sent.  Truthfully, I hoped the product was going to be a helpful Read more about You only make one first impression, do it right![…]