Closing one chapter, and opening another!

Six years ago I started my professional journey at Eastern Nazarene College, and it is hard to believe that this chapter of my life is coming to an end.  August 8th will be my last day as the Director of the Center for Academic Success at Eastern Nazarene College, a position that has afforded me plethora of great experiences. Many of these experiences will stick with me for the rest of my life, especially the time where my students decided to dress up like me for Halloween!





Transitioning out of the ENC community will be difficult because ENC is much more than a place of employment. My colleagues are more than just co-workers; they are like family to me. I am leaving a community that went above and beyond to support me after the death of my father, and to rejoice in the birth of my children.  There is no other community that can compare to the one that I have found at ENC, and I am truly grateful for my time spent at the college.

My students have, and will continue to be, an extension of my family.  If you are reading this, please reach out to me via Twitter if you need help with anything.  Just because I am leaving the institution, does not mean you will be forgotten. 

While I have learned a lot over the last 6 years, it is nearly impossible to list all of those lessons in a single blog post.   Below are 6 pieces of advice that I am leaving behind.  Take them for what you will, but I can promise you good things will happen if they are taken seriously.

  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  2. Make time for doing the work that truly matters
  3. Invest in your team
  4. Take time to reflect
  5. Embrace failure
  6. Remember that YOU matter

It is bittersweet closing this chapter of my life, but I am excited about the next leg of my journey.  Starting on August 11th, I will be joining the team at a local independent high school as the Assistant Head of School.  In this capacity I will have an opportunity to lead in several different areas, something I am extremely excited about.  Stay tuned (subscribe to my blog below), over the next few days I will be sharing more details about my new role.

ENC family, thank you for being so amazing.  You will be missed!

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