Hit the target: Refine your focus!

Hit the target!

It is fair to say that the last six months have been a whirlwind. With the birth of my twin daughters and the transition to my new role at Quincy College, I am amazed that I still have my wits about me. Throughout that time, I also assessed how I use my blog. The primary purpose of my blog has always been to educate folks, but in all honesty, my content has lacked direction. Going forward, I plan to simplify my approach and focus on a few niche areas. Hopefully, this strategy will make it easier for you to find value in my work, and provide you with several reasons to come back the blog on a regular basis.

The importance of staying focused. 

For those of you that have visited my site before, you have probably noticed that I made a significant change to the website tagline. Before the changes, I attempted to describe my blog with a set of quirky terms that highlighted specific areas of my personality. This strategy was fundamentally flawed because it didn’t provide an adequate definition of my purpose, which is why I have changed the website title to “Focused on Student Success.” My new role at Quincy College has reinvigorated my passion for enrollment management, and I will be sharing insights here on a regular basis. My latest research is focused on leadership and empowering our teams and implementing efficient business systems. While my primary focus has grown out of the social media space, I will still be sharing insights on social media best practices as it relates to enrollment management/students success.

If you’re lucky, I will sprinkle in some content that relates to my love for food ;-). 

I have also launched a weekly enrollment management newsletter where I will share insights about what I learned during the previous week. This medium is where I hope to develop a stronger community with folks working in the enrollment management space. Historically, email newsletters have been one-way channels of communication, but that won’t be the case with my newsletter. Every email will foster a two-way dialogue so we can learn together.

Well, thanks for joining me today. It sounds like the Twins are calling for me. If you have any questions, please let me know below. You can also reach me at eric [@] ericalainclark [dot] com. I’m excited to work with you on developing strategies to gain more enrollment management success.

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