Five ways to integrate video into enrollment management strategy

Yoda loves VsnapMy colleague and I have become the unofficial Vsnap advocates on our campus, and we have had a great time educating our colleagues about the tool. Although the most of the responses have been positive, there are still a handful of holdouts. These holdouts fail to see the value of this technology, or quite frankly, they are afraid of the concept of innovation. This fear is deeply embedded into our culture because failure is viewed as terminal not formational. For some reason, there is an unspoken rule that we all must be perfect, and failure is not an option. Without failure, meaningful growth and development is virtually impossible. Innovation is a necessary component of growth, so we need to change some things!

High School and College Admissions

Imagine the increase in communication that would transpire if a director of admissions equipped the entire enrollment team with the tools needed to send individualized videos to prospective students. A few months ago I integrated Vsnap into my recruitment strategy, and I have been extremely successful with building relationships with my prospective Summer CAP students. Some students are even responding to my messages via Vsnap which is a huge return on my investment. These videos also provide me with an amazing set of unsolicited video testimonials. Vsnap is also a great way to communicate with parents, and I would argue the parents have an even greater appreciation for this personalized touch.


Part of my role at Eastern Nazarene College is working with students on academic probation. Historically, communicating with this group of students has been difficult. This year I sent out a Vsnap to all of the students on academic probation, and the response rate was mind-blowing. Within 12 hours, I had over 60% of the students respond to my meeting request. I have never experienced this rate of return, and suspect that my communication with students will become more efficient from using this tool.


Teaching is my first love, and I have always tried to identify new ways of communicating with my students. This semester I am teaching an online course at Quincy College and we are required to meet face-to-face on the first night. There was a major mixup with our class, and we were not assigned a room for our meeting. Instead of scrambling to type out an email, I pulled out my iPhone and sent a 30 second video message updating my students on the new location of our meeting.


Word of mouth is a great way to increase enrollment, and using Vsnap is one way to capture testimonials from raving fans. Testimonials can be either solicited or not, but the best responses are the ones that are unprompted. My department, the Center for Academic Success, is going to use Vsnap to solicit feedback on our services and use the data to guide our decision making process.  Vsnap also allows the sender to attach a link and up to five files to each video message.  This additional functionality makes Vsnap even more powerful!


I’m blessed to work with so many amazing people, but far too often I don’t have an opportunity to tell them how I feel face to face. Vsnap is a great way to express gratitude to someone that has had positive impacted your life. I started doing this exercise yesterday, and I am already experiencing an increased number of warm fuzzies.

I’m not suggesting that folks adopt Vsnap to increase their workload. In fact, it is quite the opposite. My goal is to challenge people to think about their daily workflow, and help them determine if Vsnap is a good substitution for some of the existing processes. Yes, there is a learning curve involved, but that curve should never be enough snuff innovation. Being uncomfortable is not a bad thing, neither is failing. Don’t let fear get in the way of innovation.

What I have listed above is far from exhaustive, and I welcome your feedback. We have also barely scratched the surface rewardingly the full power of Vsnap. A future post is needed to adequately explain the powerful analytics that are associated with this tool. Using this backend data will help inform strategic decisions, and may also help qualify potential leads.

Are you using Vsnap? How are you using video to have a positive impact on your campus?

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