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iPads are great, I love mine.  But, I also am guilty of deploying my 1st generation iPad without proper planning, which subsequently resulted in a limited impact on student learning.  Don’t get me wrong, the iPad did increase student engagement, but the experience could have been far more meaningful.  It is far too easy to put the shiny new device in front of the students, and  think that student learning is going to take place by osmosis.  That just doesn’t  happen!

I did learn from my mistake!  

This past summer I was asked to oversee the first cohort of iPad Mini Grant winners at Eastern Nazarene College.  The grant was awarded to 6 full time teaching faculty, and required each participant to identify meaningful ways to implement iPad technology into their teaching pedagogy.  Throughout the course of the summer it became apparent that it was possible to create a student centered learning environment with a single device, but having multiple devices would be far more effective.

The culmination of the project included a presentation to the faculty at Eastern Nazarene College, and the video below is my portion of the presentation that we created for Faculty Development Day.  Like many, I am a work in progress, and look forward to your input.  I would love to hear how you are using technology to enhance your pedagogy.

The next phase in my iPad journey will be to get an iPad in the hands of each one of my math students.  If all goes well, my students will be using their iPads to complete homework, ask questions, create multimedia, and change the world.  Stay tuned for the details, and remember to comment below.  I want to hear all about what you are doing in your classroom!

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