January 21, 2013

MAT 113 – Precalculus

Welcome to MAT 113 – Online Precalculus!

This course is offered at Quincy College, right here on the South Shore of Boston.  If you are officially registered for the  course, welcome!  We have a great semester quarter in store for us, and I look forward to connecting with you via the Quincy College Portal.

Course Description:

This section of MAT113 is fully online and introduces the student to the fundamental types of functions and their graphs, trigonometry, sequences, series, probability and various topics in analytic geometry.  This course fully prepares the student for the study of calculus.

If you are tagging along without officially registering at Quincy College, I would welcome you to join the fun!  Please consider joining my sample class, and work through the concepts at your own pace.  If you decide that you like the course, I would encourage you to register for my course at Quincy College.  Quincy College offers precalculus courses that are fully online during the fall, spring and summer term.  As with all my other courses, I am going to be completely transparent and let you know that my primary goal is to get you comfortable with the format/instruction so register for my class.

Course Textbook

Precalculus Essentials, Blitzer, Third Edition, Prentice Hall ISBN-13: 978-0321594037

If you are following along for fun and would like to get a deeper experience, you can purchase a copy of the textbook here!  If you register on MyMathLab for fun, you can always transfer to the real course at no additional cost (as long as we are using the same textbook).

To join the sample class, all you need to do is visit MyMathLab and register using this course code clark89829.  If you need to purchase a book or access code, please do so HERE.

Ok, lets get to work!  Click HERE to view the video lecture series for Week #1!

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