My Three Words for 2013…

what are word for?

what are word for? (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)

My Three Words for 2013…

There are several things that people do at the start of each new year, and I wanted to jump on the band wagon.  New Years Resolutions don’t really resonate with me because I never end up following through with my goal, but I have an excuse for that (well not really, but I will explain more in a minute) . Many have decided to join the One Word 365 movement, but one word is not going to cut it for me this year.  This year I plan on trying an idea that I discovered while reading Chris Brogan’s blog, and I think he is on to something with his Three Words Challenge.

My recent ADHD diagnosis and resulting treatment plan has really opened up my eyes to the many things I have neglected to appreciate.  In an effort to achieve focus, I would chase unsustainable stimulants, usually a new project/idea that would be partially thought out.  My family and friends suffered because I wasn’t setting good boundaries and establishing healthy priorities.  This resulted in minimal effort in the investment of those relationships.

Social media also played a role in my distraction, and my friend Ed Cabellon wrote a blog post that hit me to the core.  The post in question discussed finding a healthy balance between life and  technology.  Ed’s fifth point, With Kids? Turn Off Data When You Walk Through the Door”, hit home for me because I have two young kids, and I could see the negative impact my distraction was having on their behavior.

Solution?  I no longer have my phone attached to my hand when I am in the house.  This behavior change has been sustained for three weeks, and I feel extremely liberated.  I have seen a drastic change in my girl’s behavior, and they are no longer struggling to get my attention.  But I digress!

Now on to the main attraction…

My Three Words

Assessment – 

This year I need to assess my professional belief system, and determine why I have established my current way of thinking.  I have come to the conclusion that I have set unrealistic expectations for my workload/ability.  Just because I can do several things well doesn’t mean that I should.  In reality, all of my projects suffer if I take on too much.  So in 2013 I will assess what is important and cut out the fat.

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Lean – 

Being lean is not about losing weight in the literal sense, I want to shed the “fat” that I have put on my professional plate.  It is no longer important for me to engage in projects that do not help me achieve my professional goals.  My goal for 2013 is to make decisions like a lean startup, so I can be “Be more innovative. Stop wasting people’s time. Be more successful.”

Are you distracted yet???

Focus –

Staying focused is the key to success in 2013, and I can honestly say that I now feel more focused than ever before.  My goals are clearly identified, and I will be making conscious decisions everyday to ensure that I am staying focused an on task.

I am sharing this because I accountable to the people participating in the Brave New Year project (affiliate), and I want to see what other people are thinking.  There are probably many people out there that have/are struggling with staying focused, and I want to use this as a platform to connect and support one another.

Keep rocking, and have a great New Year!




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  • a lovely reflective piece Eric, really enjoyed reading it – of course it resonates with me too, as I’m sure it will with most of us engaging in the all to easy social media! It’s a bit like a semiotic binge at first, that one has to go through to identify what is and isn’t helping one live well… my daughter is 13, has been using social media for a year already (unlike her mum), and decided just a few weeks ago, entirely of her own accord, to delete her facebook account – just decided it had been fun but was wasting her time and not helping her achieve anything worthwhile – from the mouths of babes eh? I learn from her every day. Glad your girls appreciate you more when you’re not online… all a matter of balance and using each day to craft an ever more coherent life story 🙂

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