January 12, 2013

MTH 2002 – College Algebra 2

Welcome to MTH 2002 – College Algebra!

This course is offered through the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies.  If you are officially registered for the  course, welcome!  We have a great quarter in store for us, and I look forward to connecting with you via Blackboard!

Course Description:

This section of MTH 2002 is a hybrid class and is the second course in the college algebra sequence and the following topics will be addressed in this course: polynomial, logarithmic, and exponential functions; exponential and logarithmic equations; systems of linear equations; and matrices. Requires students to use a graphing calculator, the make and model to be specified at the
first class meeting.

If you are tagging along without officially registering at CPS, I would welcome you to join the fun!  Please come back to this page in a few weeks because I am creating a sample course using MyMathLab, and I would invite you to follow along.  If you decide that you like the course, I would encourage you to register for my course at NEU.  I am going to be transparent and let you know that my primary goal is to get you comfortable with the format and my instruction so you are confident in your ability to take the course for credit.

Course Textbook

Algebra and Trigonometry Enhanced with Graphing Utilities and MyMathLab Student Access Kit (packaged
with the textbook), 6th Edition, Michael Sullivan, Prentice Hall, ISBN 9780321837752

If you are following along for fun and would like to get a deeper experience, you can purchase a copy of the textbook here!  As I said, I will be creating a sample course for you to join in the near future.  If you register in MyMathLab for fun, you can always transfer to the real course at no additional cost (as long as we are using the same textbook).


Ok, lets get to work!  Click HERE to view the video lecture series for Week #1!

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