The power of the social employee

“The social employee is the window into the Brand’s Soul.”

That is deep!

When you open up to the dedication page of The Social Employee the quote mentioned above is the first thing that appears on the page.  Social employees are not a new phenomenon, but social media has provided a mechanism through which the social employee can have greater impact on developing brand recognition.  It is important that businesses evolve and become more social.  If businesses fail to evolve, the likelihood of  losing their social employees is great.

What is a social employee?

While searching for an info-graphic that was used in the text, I stumbled across the book’s video trailer on YouTube.  The 2 minute video does a great job communicating the importance of social employees, and will probably prompt you to purchase the book.

The social employee through the lens of higher education

As I was writing this post, I glanced at my Twitter feed, and I was reminded of the many reasons why higher education professionals should be embracing social media.  The tweets below are just a few anecdotes, but they clearly epitomize the communication that is expected from a social employee.

I first met Mr. Solworth via Twitter, and since then, we have been able to connect in person on a few occasions.  Dan is an awesome ambassador for Boston University, and it is obvious that he loves his role at BU.  Dan has received some of best tutelage available from Dean Kenn Elmore, another one of my BU favorites.


Kenn Elmore is another great example of a social employee, and more importantly, a social executive.  Kenn is a master storyteller, and as the Dean of Students, he does a great job engaging folks with the BU brand.  Take a moment to peruse Kenn’s Twitter feed, and you will notice several well crafted tweets.  Kenn engages students from all stages of the BU experience, which is evident from the content found in the tweet shared above.

I have intentionally singled out Kenn and Dan for their social media savvy, but I should also credit the entire BU community for their social media awesomeness.  BU has set standard for social media use in higher education, and we could all learn something by taking a page out of their book.

My love for BU is strong, but I know there are other colleges/universities doing amazing things via social media.  Who is your favorite social business? College/university?

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PS:  The Social Employee was written by Cheryl and Mark Burgess from Blue Focus Marketing, and I received a review copy from McGraw Hill.  If you would like to purchase a copy of the book you can find more information here.
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