Testing the @IFTTT Instagram to WordPress recipe!

*WARNING the image at the bottom of the page might cause your mouth to water!*

This post was initiated by a simple If This Then That (IFTTT) experiment, something I will talk more about later. First, let me provide some context so you can understand why we conducted our experiment in the first place.

Earlier today I had lunch at Rozafa Mediterranean Bistro, at which time, I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner, Marlon Vila, to discuss social media and some of the frustrations he deals with on a regular basis. Like most restauranteurs/chefs, Marlon spends the majority of his day in the kitchen, which makes it difficult for him to deploy an effective content strategy.

After examining Marlon’s digital footprint, I realized he could leverage IFTTT to expedite some of his social posting across Facebook and Twitter. For example, Marlon could build a system using IFTTT that automatically posts his Instagram photos to Facebook and Twitter as native images. Upon further assessment, I realized that Rozafa’s website is built on the WordPress platform, a tool that integrates nicely with IFTTT. After deploying the Instagram -> WordPress recipe listed below, Marlon will now be able to use Instagram to update his WordPress blog and share upcoming specials with his customers.

It is important to note that the recipe below was created using my personal accounts, and not all of the Instagram posts will appear on this blog. The IFTTT recipe will only be triggered if I post a photo on my Instagram account use the #Specials hashtag.

The recipe below is fairly simple, and only requires a few steps.

  1. Make sure Instagram and WordPress are registered on IFTTT
  2. Define the hashtag you want to use
  3. Customize the fields when appropriate
  4. Publish

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram to WordPress connects instagram to wordpress

Click here to view the recipe.

Here is what I had for lunch, just in case you were interested ;-).

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