The importance of showing your work.

Show Your Work - Austin KleonA few weeks ago I attended the eduWeb Digital Summit in Boston, and our keynote speaker C.C Chapman introduced me to the amazing work of Austin Kleon. During his talk, C.C recommended that we purchase two books, “Show Your Work” and “Steal Like an Artist” and I did exactly that. Although it’s taken a few weeks for me to dive in, I’ll probably consume both books within 48 hours. They are that good.

I also hold Kleon personally responsible for my current state of insomnia; I started writing this post at 3 am.  In his book, Show Your Work, Kleon challenges readers to think about how they spend their time. More specifically, he challenges us to create new content everyday. It doesn’t matter if the work is perfect, it’s better to get in the practice of doing than to wait for perfection. Perfection rarely happens.

Going forward, I promise to create/share content on a regular basis. If I hold true to the Kleonian method, I will be creating new content every day. This post is going to serve as the public acknowledgment of my plan. If I falter, you have my permission to call me out publicly. That’s right; you can find me on Twitter and Instagram and tell me to get my rear in gear. The direction of my blog content may also deviate from its current course, which will be a good thing in the end. Allowing myself to have free reign with regards to content will remove unnecessary constraints and let my creative process flow more smoothly. Ultimately, these changes should help me provide greater value to you. My readers.

Are you sticking around for the ride? I sure hope so! Until next time…

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