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It is rather fitting that Carol Dweck’s concept of mindset has blowing up my Twitter stream this week.  Mindset is the very topic that I have been discussing in my academic coaching newsletter.  Below you will find several tweets that contain valable information about mindset.  Don’t be fooled though, changing one’s mindset is an extremely difficult task and could take a ton of work.  Once you have clicked through all of the links below, come back and share what you think are the biggest flaws of each approach.  What suggestions do you think are the most difficult to complete?

Mindset (book)

Mindset (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Affiliate link


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Now that you have learned a bit about mindset, I hope that you have come to the conclusion that you have a growth mindset.  If not, let me know what I can do to help you develop a growth mindset.

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